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Millions of people in Russia, as all over the world, love and appreciate cats, keep them with pleasure at homes and are interested in everything, concerning them. Cat is a favourite pet, but besides that it has it's own very interesting story, it has left it's sign in culture and arts.
The exclusive art-exhibition program "CAT'S EYE" was presented by INTERGALLERY in May-June of 1992. It happened so, that many artists, cooperated with the gallery, did not remain unmoved by cats, and this fact, of course, was reflected in their work. The idea naturally arose - to collect the works of art, devoted to Cat, and made by painters, sculptors, ceramists, graphic artists; and show these works to public.

During the process of art-works' selection for exhibition, some interesting points were turned out. First, it was found that there were much more artists, working with cats, then we had supposed; secondly, the collection happened to include the items of different styles. We found with pleasure that there were no patterns or cliches of the Cat's images. Cat is a very interesting object for the creative person, and everybody can see and understand this creature differently, and this causes something unexpected and surprising in the picture or clay. You can easy say that every artist has his/her own image of Cat, and this is the very piquancy of the exhibition program "CAT'S EYE".

The presentation of the exhibition proceeded with a great success. The special attention of the mass media, the large number of visitors and high opinion of the exhibition from the specialists - all these together set us thinking of the continuation of the Cat Theme.
That's why we naturally came to the conducting in Moscow the first Russian CAT MUSEUM. It was open in March of 1993. It's collection includes: paintings, graphics, sculptures, ceramics, batiks, tapestries, suits, dolls, applications, collages, installations of different styles and trends of art, which show the Cat through the eyes of artists; as well as books, photographs, movies, cartoons, postcards, toys and other things, connected with cats. For the present moment there are more then 1500 large-sized works of art in the collection of MOSCOW CAT MUSEUM, and it is constantly enriched.

We collect everything, connected with the Theme of Cat in Art and Life.
The special parts of the MUSEUM's collections is the following exhibitions:
We have the unique annual beauty contest "WOMAN & CAT. The main point of this contest happens when the competent jury values the gracefulness and harmony of the pair - woman and cat. The beauty contest proceeds as large festival show, the main heroes of which are women and cats.
We have also the contest "CHILDRENS' PICTURES OF CATS". The kids' pictures from all Russia take part, and the best of them are including to the children collection of the CAT MUSEUM.
MOSCOW CAT MUSEUM is seeking for the friends all over the world, that's why it takes part in large international cat-shows and organizes the exhibiting of the collection and art-exhibitions in different parts of the world. We was the participants in THE FIFE WORLD CAT SHOW (Holland, Arnhem, 1996 and Italy, Milan, 1999), THE NATIONAL CAT SHOW (Great Britain, London, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999) and others.

It is known that the artist's eye can see what the majority of people can not recognize at once. That is why the works of art, devoted to Cat, are so interesting and useful.
As we think, the Cat is undoubtedly worth of that love, which it gains all over the world. We are sure that it is necessary on the base of love and interest to this wonderful creature.
We would like to show the collection of MOSCOW CAT MUSEUM and our art-exhibitions in different countries of the world and invite all cat-lovers to the cooperation with us.
We salute all cat's fans. Mjau…

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